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Storyshare has devised a very easy way for you to assemble your own site
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Create your own cyber image album to be kept on your PC, saved to a floppy disk or used as a website!

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We forward a 'Do It Yourself' tutorial for:

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My Story or My CV or My Company

If you are keen to personalise graphics found on the internet
If you would appreciate using visual presentations for:
my company, my curriculum vitae and my story,
and want to realise the opportunites and potential of this medium,
but... you are not a computer or internet technician!
This Is For You!!

Need help? OR You have an idea you want us to develop?

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Yes! I wish to order a Storyshare International template and tutorial!

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Please quote Project Name:Storyshare Tutorial & Template and Project numbers according to what you wish to order:
  • My Story - 612-001
  • My CV - 612-002
    1. gold icons
    2. yellow icons
    3. photographs
  • My Company - 612-003
Example of tutorial format:
STEP BY STEP: Browse through the template site
  1. Click on the various links to jump to other pages.
  2. Click on the Major Achievements link. This takes you to a selection of links, represented by images.
  3. Click on one of the six Major Achievement links. Each will take you to a single page where you can expand and include details about each company achievement.
  4. Go back to the other pages by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page, or by using the Back button on your browser.


STEP BY STEP: Alter View options in Windows Explorer to show all files
  1. Open Explorer (Right mouse click on the Start button and select Explore with the left mouse button)
  2. Left click View in the drop down menu
  3. Select Options…and left click
  4. On the View tab, select Show all files and Deselect Hide MS DOS extensions
  5. Click OK
  6. Select View in the drop down menu
  7. Select Refresh…and left click

These simple to follow instructions are provided with each tutorial. They explain the structure of the template through to how to include your own images using an image editor, and have easy step by step instructions in an easy to follow format.

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